Woolly Vision

Ed is part of the Woolly Vision production company.

Specialising in stop motion fabric, felt and knitted 3D animation

Visit woollyvision.com to find about the award-winning nudinits, Woolly Foot & Friends and The Hidden Tragedy of Sprout Farming.


Yoshimi and Katoi's Strange Hill High

A puppet show set in a school made for children's BBC. Ed assisted the Director in the script and character design departments and is one of the Yoshimi & Katoi team that created the show. Ed also built puppets, shot footage and co-wrote a script outline for the shows development.

Visit the Strange Hill High site.


Becky Strange Hill
Finger Kindom Castle

Finger Kingdom

"a future cult classic. It had our audiences rolling in the aisles"
- Jerry Morgan, Groovy Movie Picture House.

Journey into the olden days and follow the adventures of some castle dwelling finger puppets.

Written and Directed by Ed Hartwell, Finger Kingdom is a six part TV series first shown nationally on Sky TV channel Propeller.

The stories were then cut down for web viewing and launched the BBC's Comedy Soup website. The show has also been screened at the UK's festivals in the Groovy Movie Picture House and is now used nationally by teachers to teach literacy in schools.

Visit the Finger Kingdom website to watch the web versions and buy a DVD of the full length show.



Yoshimi and Katoi's Yo! Funkytown

Ed co-wrote two half hour episodes with Katoi for this adult puppet comedy. The show revolves around two hopeless hitmen as they drive around town trying to get themselves out of sticky situations.

Visit the website here


Yo Funkytown

Clementine - Into The Valley of The Dolls

A documentary about the history of dolls presented by Clementine - a puppet with a human head. The puppet is shot on green screen and composited into real world locations.

Shot, edited and composited by Ed Hartwell. Performed and directed by Mark Mander.


Clementine's Diary

Shot, edited and composited by Ed Hartwell for Mark Mander's Clementine.

Made for the BBC, Clementine presents topical news items.

Darth Munky and I-Munky

Ed built and puppeteered Funky Munky puppets in three spoofs of IPod adverts broadcast as idents on MTV.

Watch them here

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