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-- Just before the apocalypse 2016 --

--- YOUTUBE ---
When Finger Kingdom was made in 2005, youtube had only just started up earlier that year. The technology has only just developed to a level that can handle the power of Finger Kingdom, so now you can enjoy the Finger Kingdom youtube channel

-- September 2011 --

--- Return of The Game ---
The Finger Kingdom game has returned in the form of a free download. Head over to the game section now!

-- July 08 --

--- The Finger Kingdom Online Channel ---
Finger Kingdom 'Light' has got its own channel in lovely streaming high quality super dooper fancy pantsness on openfilm

Click 'watch online' above to play them embeded. The full versions are only available on the DVD

-- June 07 --

---Finger Kingdom Hits The Road---
Groovy Movie Picture House are showing the whole series on this seasons tour, including screenings at Glastonbury and Bestival.

-- May 07 --

---Buy Book One---
Book one is now available

Finger Kingdom is on SKY 195 again, confirmed transmissions on 9th and 11th May.

-- February 07 --

The Finger Kingdom is on SKY 195 again, confirmed transmissions on 27th Feb and 1st March

The channel have got a new bit on their website to vote for your favourites. So pop over to:
and scroll on down to Finger Kingdom and give your favourite episode/s a nice big 10/10

-- October 06 --

---Back on Telly---
Finger Kingdom kicks of again on SKY 195 from 9th October just after 8pm.

-- August 06 --

---Finger Kingdom Books---
The Finger Kingdom stories have been turned into picture book form. Book 1

-- April 06 --

---Finger Kingdom Music Video---
The Missileer music video set in Finger Kingdom is finished and you can watch it now! at:
It features all your favourite characters, and some new ones as well.

---Finger Kingdom on BBC Comedy Soup---
BBC Comedy Soup has now gone live and you can watch all the "light" episodes of Finger Kingdom now at:
you can even rate them, so make sure you give them all a nice big 5/5

-- March 06 --

---Finger Kingdom On Telly---
Finger Kingdom continues on sky channel 195, check for listings. Look out for: The Knights Quest To The Land Of The Giants, Black Pudding, Outlaws, Jousting, Ghosts and The Visitor From Abroad.

Confirmed dates:

The Knight's Quest - Monday 13th March
Jousting - Tuesday 14th March
A visitor From Abroad - Wednesday 15th March
Black Pudding - Thursday 16th March
Outlaws - Friday 17th March

-- January 06 --

Finger Kingdom will be broadcasting on propeller TV, as from 10th Jan, sky channel 195, between 8 & 8.20pm

-- December 05 --

Finger Kingdom Episode 1, was voted number 2 in the top 3 runners up in the 6.6MB film competition.

Watch it at:

-- November 05 --

New!! The Finger Kingdom Game. Click "Play Game" now.

-- September 05 --

Finger Kingdom is finished!