Woolly Vision

Ed is part of the Woolly Vision production company.

Specialising in stop motion fabric, felt and knitted 3D animation

Visit woollyvision.com to find about the award-winning nudinits, Woolly Foot & Friends and The Hidden Tragedy of Sprout Farming.


Cosplayers uk

Cosplayers UK The Movie

A feature length documentary produced and directed by Ed Hartwell in collaboration with Johnnie Oddball.

The worlds first feature documentary about the UK cosplay scene. Meet the British cosplayers as they take on the Euro Cosplay championships at the UK's largest convention.

Visit the site.


Winner of 3 awards.

A stop motion short. Written, directed and produced by Ed Hartwell. Follow the story of RT Five Nine, a robot who wakes up one day to find the city deserted and overgrown.

Visit the mini site to watch the film, see behind the scenes photos and buy the DVD.

Tumbleweed in London

An art film produced and directed in collaboration with artist Claire Blundell Jones.

"A fascinating film from start to finish. Whoever though watching a tumbleweed would be so enjoyable." - Caz Kennedy (Director - Wood Green Film Festival)

Watch the full film here


"inspired and very funny" - Nick Park

Winner of 3 awards, including winner of the Farewell Routemaster Film Challenge - a challenge to make a film about the end of regular service Routemaster busses in London.

"Ed Hartwell's 'Bus Kong' is a delicious animated political cartoon that exploits the iconography of the Routemaster, London and a certain giant ape movie with bold witty simplicity, pitching our hero against a feral bendy-bus and an even more sinister foe…" - Ben Walters, Time Out Magazine.

Watch the full film here

When London Sleeps it Came Alive

Produced in collaboration with Johnnie Oddball for the 28 Days Later Feature Film Challenge, a challenge to make a 70 min film during february 2010 based on a title and synopsis pulled out of a hat.

Watch the full film here

Royal Observatory to Thames Barrier in 2 Minutes

An experimental cycling film inspired by london to brighton in 4 minutes. Ed fixed a camera to his bike and shot a 45 min bike ride. The footage is sped up with interesting sounds added that were collected on the journey.

Watch the full film here

Encounter on the Eye

A film made entirely under 25 hours for a competition run by Cannes in a Van. The film had to be made using the theme eye and the genre of film noir.

Watch the full film here

Time Looters

Do you like Pirates? Do you like time travel? then you will love this tall treasure hunting tale of treachery, toffery and Time Team.

A puppet film made in the style of Captain Pugwash. Written, directed and puppeteered by Ed Hartwell. Features the voice of Joe Grossi (The DaVinci Code, Kinky Boots)

Watch the full film here

Revenge of the Ninja Assassin

Produced in collaboration with director Gavin Ascroft. This short was made to showcase fight choreography and features a gun fight with cops, a fist fight with thugs and a kung fu fight with ninjas.

Battle At The Serenity Temple

Produced in collaboration with director Gavin Ascroft. Made in the style of a classic kung fu movie, this short sees two brothers fight to the death for the power of the family secret.

Puppets Behaving Madly

A series of films written and pupperteered by Ed Hartwell. Follows the misadventures of flat mates Proto and Monster as they attempt to pay the phone bill and see who has the loudest sound system in "Phone Bill" and "Volume Wars"

Dear Lives

A 30min comedy drama following a hit man on the day he takes on a job shadower who turns out to be an undercover police woman. Produced as part of Ed's degree in Media Technology and Production at The University of Bradford.

Christmas Trees Cost Lives and Other Stories

Part one in a series of Christmas shorts made as video Christmas cards. Written and produced by Ed Hartwell.

Watch all the Christmas films here

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