Edward John Hartwell Curriculum Vitae


D.O.B: 30th December 1980


E-mail edhartwell@edhartwell.co.uk
Web Site:

Education and Qualifications

1999 - 2002 University of Bradford, Bradford, West Yorkshire
BSc (Hons) Media Technology and Production

1997 - 1999 Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire
A Levels in: Technology (grade A)
Business Studies (grade A)
Art & Design (grade B)

1998 Full driving licence

1990 - 1997 Hope Valley College, Hope Valley, Derbyshire
9 GCSEs, including Maths and English

Employment History
Since April 2003 I have worked freelance. Projects have included:

Animator at Swhype on an promo for John Lewis baby products.

Producer / Animator / Director at Woolly Vision - Films are made with stopmotion animation using fabric puppets. Films produced include nudinits - Tickled Pink, The Hidden Tragedy of Sprout Farming and Woolly Foot & Friends.

Music Video Director on This is Happening by Übermanoeuvre. a live action performance and art film footage of spinning objects animated to change the viewpoint. Watch the video

Creative Consultant on Strange Hill High - Series 2.

Producer at Utopia TV - Producing video, audio and comic books.

Co-Producer/Director on Cosplayers UK The Movie - The worlds 1st feature length documentary about British Cosplay.
Visit the site - www.cosplayersuk.com

Directors Assistant and Co-Creator of Strange Hill High, a CBBC TV puppet show. - Visit Site

Animator of motion graphics commercials and site demos for Interview Gold.

Animator of the animated logo for Liquid Eye Productions.

Producer/Director on a number of corporate video projects for Lee Saphir, Evolve Training System and the Smart School.

Writer on two half hour episodes of puppet comedy - Yo! Funkytown and script development on CBBC's Strange Hill High.

Co-Producer on When London Sleeps it came alive - a feature film shot in 28days.

 Director on THE DAY THE ROBOTS WOKE UP . An innovative animation that mixes a variety of different techniques including stop-motion, CGI, motion graphics, VFX and live action. The film premiered at the Apollo West End in 2009 and has won 3 awards: The Sci-Fi London film festival audience award for best short film, Best New Film at Ballston Spa - New York and Best Animation at Greenwich Film Festival Visit the site to watch and see production stills

 Director on The Movieum Animation. A 2D animation promoting the Movieum of London Movie Museum. Watch

ciavsmall.jpg  Director on Cannes in a Van Animations. Two 2D cartoon animations promoting the Cannes in a Van mobile film festival. Watch

alienssmall.jpg  Music Video Director on Aliens and Suffer for Harrison, a new animated pop act. Traditional drawn animation, including complex dance routines. Watch Clips

clemsmall2.jpg  DOP/VFX on Clementine's Diary as seen on bbc.co.uk. Green screen elements, compositing, editing and animating motion graphics. Visit youtube Channel

ctclsmall.jpg  Director on a Christmas animation series about the origins of Christmas. Watch here

twsmall.jpg  Director on Tumbleweed in London, a film made in collaboration with artist Claire Blundell Jones. The film, shown in art galleries and at international film festivals, plays with the irony of wild-west imagery in London. Watch

warsmall2.jpg  Music Video Director on War (ain't what it used to be) by Übermanoeuvre. Includes 2D animation and live action footage. Watch the video

harrisonsmall.jpg  Music Video Director on (Don't Be A) Dinosaur for Harrison, a new animated pop act. Video includes 3D claymation and pioneering 2D animation techniques.

watersmall.jpg  Director on commercials for Waterwise, promoting saving water, using puppets and animation. Commissioned by the Mayor of London. Visit the Waterwise Web Site

clemsmall.jpg  DOP/Editor/Compositor on Clementine Into The Valley of The Dolls in collaboration with Mark Mander.

doitsmall.jpg  Puppeteer/Animator for VHZ1 on Do It For England, Munky World Cup, a ringtone commercial broadcast during the 2006 world cup.

stainlesssmall.jpg  Music Video Director with London Joe Ltd. on Stainless Star by the band Missileer. Band members and their puppet versions interwoven.

hitmythsmall.jpg  Art Director For Franco Films on a short film, Hit and Myth, a live action comedy horror.

buskongsmall.jpg  Writer/Director/Producer on Bus Kong, a short film to commemorate the demise of the Routemaster bus. The film won the Farewell Routemaster Film Challenge, 2 Solos awards and has been screened internationally, including in the Future Shorts programme. Watch the film

castlesmall.jpg  TV Series Writer/Director/Producer for Finger Kingdom, six enchanting stories told through finger puppets, broadcast on Sky TV and online at BBC Comedy Soup and shown at the Glastonbury Festival in 2007. Visit the Finger Kingdom website

squirrelsmall.jpg  Puppeteer for Big Red Button Films. A short film and idents. This job involved building and operating puppet characters and working on set in the art department with props, sets, models and puppets.

imunkysmall.jpg  Puppeteer for Zero One. This involved building and puppeteering for puppet spoofs of the I-Pod adverts, the moon landing and a music video.

munkysmall.jpg  Puppeteer for Zero One. A short film, Funky Munky, funded by Raindance and Nokia. The job involved building puppets and miniature props, rigging and assembling sets and puppeteering the main characters of the film.

tlsmall.jpg  Film Director/Producer for a 10 min film, Time Looters, in the style of the Captain Pugwash cartoons.

Web design and camera operation for London Joe Ltd.

Producing multi-media training materials for Waypoint, a training company involved in national initiatives to promote literacy and numeracy.

CD ROM design for Nottingham City Council & Notts County Council, translating paper-based manuals into a user-friendly CD ROMs, complete with cartoons and animations.

Animated computer-based games design for a drugs education project.

Runner for Sal Paradise Productions on a 35mm short film directed by Simon Brasse.

March 2000 - June 2002
Producer and presenter at Bradford University radio station, RamAir FM.
nominated for best show at the student radio awards.

Skills and Experience

Film Making skills:
Animating - 3D stopmotion, 2D drawn, vector and motion graphics.


Script writing




Puppet design & realisation
Model and set making

Extensive IT skills including use of the following applications:
Final Cut Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Flash

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